Death Note Relight 1

Release Date
December 16, 2022
In the world of the gods of death, Shinigami Ryuk looks back on what is without doubt the most interesting period of his life. All this happened many years before: The star student Light Yagami finds a notebook, the so-called 'Death Note'. It is the book of a death god who has the incredible power to kill people by writing their names. This find blurs the lines between good and evil for the original justice fanatic, and he soon aspires to become the god of a crime-free new world of his own creation. He skillfully switches between the roles of 'Kira', the savior and judge of criminals, and Light, the helpful smart guy who helps his opponent, the private detective L, to catch Kira...

The first half of the long-time classic - including new scenes! This two-hour compilation packs all the excitement from the Light vs. L battle!