Death Note Relight 2

Release Date
Coming soon
After Ryuzaki's death, nothing is as it was: Light has joined the police and pretends to be L so that he can continue to officially search for Kira. On the other hand, he keeps killing with Mikami as his henchman. In this way, Light has an easy time and his ideal world with him as a god is getting closer and closer. However, two other people were informed about L's death - Mello and Near, both brought up as potential successors to L. Near founds the SPK, a special unit against Kira, and soon comes up with the same solution as before him L: Light must be Kira! This suspicion also causes the Kira special commission to have doubts again and so Light is once again under the surveillance of his employees. But he wouldn't have gotten this far if he let it get him down...

The second half of the long-time classic - including new scenes! Even after L's death, the thrill doesn't let up. Exciting to the last breath!